Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I will never get over how entertaining dreams are.

I've been drinking this kava-california poppy tincture tea before bed and it definitely has been chilling me out. Even if i don't actually fall asleep til late i am much less agitated and anxious, and as a result when i do fall asleep i sleep pretty soundly. I think it also has been creating some strong dreaming in me, sometimes uncomfortably so. I had a nonstop stream of nightmares over the weekend, and the previous night i had brutal work anxiety dreams, including my boss telling me she knows how much i make and therefore she better not see me with a starbucks cup in my hand. Yikes. Last night was a comedy parade, which i really enjoyed. I hurt my back monday while cleaning and my left leg is in a lot of pain, so i really appreciated the lighter tone. I started the evening cleaning out my aunt's cape house as she was moving. There were huge, labrynthine rooms full of awesome junk to explore, and i was hanging with my mom, her brother, my cousin & one of her little boys. as we were cleaning out one such room, my little cousin found an old gun, and, thinking it was unloaded, i let him hold it, but told him never to aim it at a person or at himself. So, he aimed it upwards. And it went off directly through my head, phineas gage style... except! It passed right between both hemispheres, so i was fiiiiiine! I just had a massive hole from my throat to the top of my head (kind of right through my fifth and seventh chakra actually, now that i think of it). I found it funny (as i so often find my own personal injuries) so i started texting several friends about it. HAY GUY I GOT SHOT THROUGH THE HEAD, BLEW OUT MY FONTANELLE and all. The next day i began passing my hand over my scalp, wondering how big the hole was, but when i took it away there was no blood on my hand. So i probed, excepting a hole full of gore, but... nothing. I realized then that, despite the gun going off, maybe all that pain was just a migraine. Whoops! So i started texting my friends back, FALSE ALARM JUST A MIGRAINE. Though gross and freaky, the tone of the whole dream was pretty light-hearted, like getting shot was just a lark.

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