Thursday, September 15, 2011

Fun foods

 as a treat sean & i picked up the egg molds folks use in bento boxes. before he got home i decided to make a few. the bear eggs didn't come out well, but the bunny eggs were cute! to the right you will see the little snack i set up for seal, pluot slices supporting the egg and carrot slices framing it in a silicone wilton's cupcake mold.
to the left you see my egg, which looked ok though not as good as the one i made for sean. i put a wee forest of broccoli behind him, some pluot next to him and created a bower of thinly sliced/shredded carrot to shelter the egg. this was the second one i did so it became more fancy. once i try things once i generally kick up the fanciness/frou-frouness on my next go.

they tasted, as you might imagine, just fine. because they're eggs. just hardboiled eggs. but it was cute setting them up.

now i'm waiting for curry applebread to cool so we can see how well it turned out! anxiety = bakery!

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