Tuesday, June 7, 2011

just putting this here

me:  i had basically the most grotesque dream and i'm going to make you deal with it
i dreamt i was back in high school (which is grotesque on its own) and was living there
i woke up with blood all over me, it had come out of a huge gouge on my chin, and seeped out of the follicles of hair on my head
sean was finding me new clothes, and i met up with him and we went into a handicap washroom so i could clean up & put on my clothes
and while i was checking the mirror i noticed a hole on the bridge of my nose, and it kind of looked like there was something underneath it, like a zit or something
so, me being me, i squeezed
and out came a tablespoon blob of cool vaseline-like jelly that stung like acid or rubbing alcohol on a cut
but instead of emptying the hole, it made the hole bigger
and it spread down my nose until it split apart, bifurcated open on my face
showing my skull and sinuses and muscle tissue underneath
and i couldn't get it to stick together
so i started crying
and showed sean, and i thought we were both going to vomit, and i cried harder, and tried to get my nose to stick together & be normal again
it upset me so much i woke up and that was my start to day

ADDENDUM: i cannot get the image/sensation of the jelly & subsequent nose-split out of my head and it is BOTHERING ME.

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