Friday, November 12, 2010

oh but really

i am trying to write a paper. not even a paper, a draft of a paper. but i'm either not trying very hard or i'm struggling with a lot of anxiety over writing it & thus dithering by playing on the internet (i'm not even playing! i'm reading tons of feminist blogs basically & that's it). i had kind wanted to start writing about stuff i think about, like feminism, psychology, cooking and so on but god... the attention span... she is not so generous these days. i want to have the energy & dedication of the folks at tigerbeatdown or bitch but alas. alack.

but its frustrating! i have many thoughts--so many!--and some of them are even worth sharing! like, for instance the great moral debate i had in the shower last night over whether finding dogs & goats with cataplexy funny makes me amoral. i mean, on the one hand its a serious disease and just awful when its humans. but when its dogs they get so excited over meat or their owner coming home they fall down! think of it this way, when a dog learns that happy thing = falling down they basically learn that falling down is fun, and not scary, because then they get to greet their owner or eat their food or whatever. this is my logic anyway, because lord, i really can't stop finding fainting baby goats hilarious.

or sneezing baby elephants. whatever.

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