Saturday, August 21, 2010

i chose... poorly.

the other night i was rereading spice & feeling the urge to bake, so i decided to try to combine oatmeal cookies (favorite cookie texture in the world) and the historically popular combination of honey & pepper. i thought it'd be delicious, hot & sweet, like hot cocoa with cumin & chili, or pizza with jalapeƱos & pineapple.

well, as it turns out, if you want something honey-flavored you should probably add a lot of honey, and not, say, a half cup. i substituted the brown sugar for honey, in retrospect, i should have swapped out the white sugar to bring out the honey taste more. it came out edible, even kind of good if you pretended it was a biscuit or something instead of cookie. i will try it again, but boy oh boy that was a recipe that needed work. like... wo.

i like the process of fucking up experimenting with recipes though, even when i don't produce something delicious i feel like i am one step closer to being a true pokebakingmaster. i learn from my failures, like my hero ash, and am able to incorporate the lessons i learn into my next pokebaking tournament where i get rewarded with, like, a star on my bracelet. for this i've walked a thousand miles, dodging lunatics with matching outfits at every step? oh, i mean, i guess it is a pretty good star.

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